Sail Care

Norths worldwide network of Sail Care Lofts are committed to delivering the highest quality of service to you, your sails and your boat. Standardised by Norths ‘Blue books’ and caked by our experienced team of sailmakers, your service and repair requirements will be handled by our North’s trained staff.

Whether you are looking for anything from complex recuts, modifications, or simply need your sails inspected and delivered back to your boat, our sail care team is trained on all aspects of sail care and repair.

Sail Inspection

  • Every sail that is serviced by North undergoes a thorough inspection designed to identify maintenance issues early, so they do not become major problems later on. Annual inspection of your inventory will aid significantly in extending sail life and maintaining peak performance.
  • Inspect head, tack, clew and reef attachments. Inspect webbing & hardware for chafe and UV damage. Inspect hand stitching.
  • Inspect luff tapes and luff attachments.
  • Inspect for chafe at external hardware contact points at spreaders, shrouds, stanchions etc.
  • Inspect leech line, foot line and attachment system.
  • Inspect sail for UV damage and proper furling side (if applicable).
  • Inspect batten pocket ends, attachments and fit (if applicable).
  • Inspect sail body for condition of cloth, seams, sail numbers, draft stripes and windows. Replace or add telltales (complimentary).
  • Flip sail and repeat.
  • Inspect miscellaneous gear: Spinnaker Snuffer line and hoop, mainsail external flaking system, headsail vertical battens, UV covers, etc.
  • Inspect sailbag draw string, zippers, web straps, and label properly. Then fold and bag sail with complimentary North Sails sail tie.

All repair work — including work on sails made by other sailmakers — is certified to North’s exclusive Manufacturing Blue Book standards for construction and materials. The North Manufacturing Blue Book is the most detailed and comprehensive documentation of standards for premium sail construction in the world. It is used by North Sails sail lofts and service facilities worldwide to guarantee consistent product quality