North Sails

North 3D Thermo-molded Sailmaking Technology

Whether you race or cruise… it’s better in 3D!

Alt_3di in action on the water1

North’s patented 3D sailmaking technology thermo-molds sails as a unitary membrane on a full-sized 3-dimensional molds. Compared to all other sails assembled from panels of flat sailcloth or laminate, 3D sails…1) stretch less for their weight, 2) hold their shape over a wider wind range and 3) retain their designed shape longer. Since its introduction in 1992, North 3D technology has dominated sailboat racing worldwide.

North offers two types of 3D sails… 3DL® (jib above) is a laminate of mylar film and structural yarn precisely applied along predicted load paths. 3Di™ (mainsail above), features a composite (vs. laminate) structure of interleaved spread filament tapes, and uses no film. 3DL technology has been the worldwide performance leader for close to 20 years. North’s revolutionary new 3Di technology delivers unprecedented shapeholding power, allowing upwind sails to approach the performance of a rigid foil.

Both 3DL and 3Di are patented manufacturing processes. Though other sailmakers have tried to copy the appearance of North 3D sails, none can match their speed, shapeholding and extended sail life.