Lighting & Heating Accessories

42 South marine specialise in enhancing and creating outdoor spaces which are functional, durable and aesthetically elegant. To utilise these spaces in all conditions day or night Shadeform can supply heating and lighting accessories to compliment your structure.
Shadeform are South Australian distributors of Thermofilm Heatstrip electric radiant heaters.
Heatstrip Heaters run from a conventional 240 volt power source and are a much more cost effective solution to outdoor heating as opposed to gas, running at approximately 10% of the running cost of gas heaters.
Shadeform’s Flexshade range can be ordered with lighting or heating kits which include pre-drilled mounting holes for lights / heaters and inspection plates on the column for electical connection. This allows for seamless installation of your heaters & lights without chipping powdercoating or having unsightly wiring visible.
Available in many different sizes Lighting accessories and Heatstrip heaters are perfect additions to many of Shadeform’s Structures including, Flexshade Umbrellas, Eclipse Sail Sturctures and Issey Folding Arm Awnings, and SeaShell PVC Retractable Awnings.

Heatstrip Heaters

Shadeform are South Australian distributors of Heatstrip Electric Radiant Heaters. Working from a simple 240 volt connection the heatstip heater will run at approximately 10% of the running cost of a gas heater.